Exploring The Rising Popularity Of Online Live Dealer Poker

Live Dealer Poker – A Meeting Of Two Worlds

Over recent years, the online platform has swiftly taken over, with online casinos firmly dislodging the great gambling meccas from their thrones at the top of the gambling industry. Today, online casinos and games have become a staple form of entertainment for millions around the world. Though it wasn’t until live dealer casino games came around, that people began to realise what they were missing.

What Is Live Dealer Poker?

For the most part, and with ever improving graphics and functionality, people have been generally happy with digitally rendered online games. However, try as they might, they still haven’t quite been able to match certain beloved aspects of the old casino games. This is particularly true when it comes to poker and other dealer-based games. The live dealer innovation, however, has managed to fill the gap.

Live dealer poker is basically a happy marriage of online and regular poker. Instead of digitally rendered graphic and sounds trying to emulate a casino game, what you get is a real actual dealer, live streamed to your device. The live dealer sits in an atmospheric setting, most often a casino, and functions as they would at an actual casino, dealing the cards and handling the game. The player then makes their choices using the same HUD and controls as a regular online poker game.

The Pros & Cons

 Live dealer poker has a number of benefits in comparison with other types of online poker, such as:

  • A more immersive and authentic poker and casino atmosphere and experience.
  • Eliminates the need for a random number generator mechanism to generate chance.
  • The live dealer can speak to players, adding a greater social aspect to the game.
  • Like online poker, the number of games, players, and time of play, is generally unrestricted.

There are, however, also a few drawbacks:

  • It requires a strong and steady internet connection that can handle uninterrupted streaming.
  • Like online poker, other players are not visible. So, guessing strategy, such as bluffs, can be tricky.

Variations of Live Dealer Poker

Many of the most popular variations of casino poker are available for live dealer, including:

  • Hold’em poker
  • Caribbean Stud poker
  • Three Card poker

Where To Play?

Live dealer poker and casino games are now available at most major online casinos. Many online casinos, however, specialise in live dealer services and may well offer an online casino welcome bonus to players looking to join in the fun.

Make sure to explore your options though, before signing up. Read reviews and check out the casino’s offerings, comparing them with others. Also, check that there is adequate customer service, and that all the common and safest payment methods are made available.

The Right Mix

Live dealer poker may be another gimmick for some. For many others though, it’s exactly the right blend of old casino atmosphere and new online convenience and functionality. Either way, if you are looking for something new and different in your online experience, live dealer poker is well worth a try. 

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